Welcome to wherestheanykey.com

For those of you who are wondering where this URL came from, it was from a simpsons episode, where Homer was supposed
to "Press Any Key To Continue" and he asked where the "any" key was.

My Site

This is my personal site, where you will find cool links for geeky stuff, picture's that I've taken, my resume, and
other various things that I feel like posting (like shell scripts or programs that I've written)

About Me

In a quick overview of myself, I'm 23 years old and live in the Twin Cities (that's in Minnesota). I'm a full time
Computer Science student at the University of Saint Thomas, and 8 credits (2 classes) away from graduating (finally!). I work
full time for IT at my school, where I'm a UNIX/Linux Administrator. I enjoy playing with computers (obviously),
riding my motorcycle (see images), playing golf, and a bunch of other stuff!

I'm a huge computer geek! I have about 30 computers in my apartment. Included in those are a full rack of servers...once
again see images. I've been interested in computers since third grade. I play a slew of instruments (band geek) including
Piano, Trumpet, Percussion, Guitar, Alto Sax, Singing (if that counts as an instrument).

Other than that enjoy the site and check back for updates!