20080308 - Starting to Move

Well the "Grand Ave. Data Center" will soon be no more. Today I just started to move to my new place. I can tell already that this will be a long and tedious process. Unfortunately with the new apartment, I will have to actually pay for electricity. Won't be able to run all my server's 24/7 anymore.

20080118 - All Packed

Just finished packing for my trip to San Jose, CA. Going out to visit a good friend of mine for a week. Thank god...some warm weather for a change. This weekend the high in MN is supposed to be 0 degrees F. Glad I'm not going to be here for that. Hopefully we'll get to rent some motorcycles and go crusing and enjoy the weather.

20071225 - Christmas Presents!

X-mas finally came. Mostly got giftcards, but I did get a TomTom GPS and an R2-D2 Interactive. The R2 is really sweet. Thank god classes are over with for a month.

20071108 - Senior Project

YAY! Today I got approval for my senior project, which is to build a car computer (carputer). I will keep pictures posted here on my site of the progress that I make.

20071105 - I got a new job!

Today I am officially a full time employee at my school. I am a UNIX/Linux Administrator, but I administer boxes that run a variety of things, such as Macintosh OSX Server, Windows Server 2003, Solaris (UNIX), as well as many flavors of Linux (RHEL, Fedora, Debian, etc).

For the remainder of this semester, I will be working 3/4 time (30hr/week), which is about 3 more hours a week than when I was a student worker. At the end of this semester I will go up to 40hr/week. The majority of my tasks are the same as from when I was a student worker, but now I get paid a hell of a lot more, and I get benefits!

20071026 - New Servers (at least new to me)

I got 2 new servers today (well...they're used...but their new to me). I got a 2U Dell PowerEdge 2550, and a Cisco Server which is actually an HP server, but it got rebranded. I got these things home and turned on the Cisco box...whoa! This thing had these tiny little fans that were doubled up (for more throughput of air), and it just screams...literally. I had the box running and walked out of my apartment and could still hear the machine down the hall. I'm just hoping I don't get a noise complaint for that box. The Dell on the other hand runs relatively quietly.